Tuesday, March 31, 2015

This is Gary.  Tonight I happened to stumble across Amy's blog completely by accident.  Actually, I don't think it was an accident at all...  I believe that it was by an absolute miracle and a tender mercy that I was able to discover her blog.   I was working at home on my new MacBook Pro Laptop that only I have used and I was typing my website url into the address bar when the browser autocorrected to this blog.  I had known that amy had started a blog and had even read a few posts from it that she had shared with me at the time.  But I had completely forgotten about it and wouldn't have even known what it was called or how to find it.   I know for a fact that no one has been to her blog on any computer in our house or at work for over 4-1/2 years and I don't think that I even still own any computers that are still working that would have ever visited her blog.   I don't have any explanation as to why or how my browser would have auto-corrected to this blog but it did.   Thanks Amy!!! and Heavenly Father!   It is wonderful to feel your presence especially close to us every once in a while.

After finding the blog, We read every single post out loud as a family.   The kids loved to remember the stories that Amy had shared and it was special for us to get to read some of the thoughts and memories that amy had recorded.   We laughed and reminisced about many of those memories and felt the Spirit as it once again testified to us of the ties that we have beyond the veil.  I am so grateful for this sweet tender mercy and for the love that the Lord shows us in little ways throughout our life.  I know that he lives and I know that we will be able to be together with Amy someday but it is especially sweet knowing that she is not far away, even if we can't see her.  I was totally surprised and impressed that Amy had written as regularly and as often as she did and am so grateful for this priceless treasure.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Crazy life I live

What was I thinking is what I keep hearing myself frequently say. Taylor made the High School Basketball team this year. He has usually two games a week, plus he practices everyday until 5 or so. Garrett decided he wanted to wrestle (i hate it). He practices everyday until 5:30. We signed the other three kids up for JR jazz. Then Tanner has been asked to play on an accelerated basketball team also. Gary is the Stake Sports director so he is in charge of all the YM & men games on Sat. from 1:00-9:00. It takes us all to help him Taylor Ref's with Gary and I keep score in the book and then one of the other kids helps run the clock and score board. We have all of the kids scout's, achievement days, and YM. Life has been so crazy at the Jackson House. Come March when it is all over we will not know what to do. The kids all love basketball.
The people in the stands laugh at Bryce he will yell out if they pass a chest pass or a bounce pass. One day I am going to miss these days of watching my kids. It sure is fun though.

Happy Birthday Bryce!

Bryce turned 7 on the 16Th of January. He is a great reader. He has brought a lot of joy into our family. We have all spoiled him rotten. I guess that is what happens when you are the baby.
He loves to learn. Play army, Lego's, castles. He has a great imagination. We are glad he is a part of our family.

Happy birthday Taylor!

Taylor turned 16 on Jan. 2ND. Taylor is a good example to his younger siblings.
He tries hard to do what is right. He was a hard baby. You couldn't leave him with anyone or
he would cry and not stop. I am glad he has grown out of that stage. He made the basketball team. He works real hard to improve his game. He is waiting to drive on the road with the drivers Ed teacher then he can get his license. He can't wait. He was ordained a priest on the Jan. 3rd. He is growing up to be a fine young man. Keep up the good work!

Happy birthday Taylor

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Lindsey

Where has the time gone Lindsey turned 9 on Sat. I was remembering the day she was born.
I had been leaking fluid for a few weeks instead of getting bigger I was getting smaller. They had scheduled a test an amniocenteses test on a Monday morning. I remember being really nervous. The Dr. called on Sunday night and asked Gary if he would be willing to drive the fluid they drew out over to Utah Valley Hospital, so they could get the results faster. he agreed to do it. When we arrived on Monday to the Dr. I walked into the room and seen the needle that they was going to use I said a little pray that I would be able to get through this and that all would be alright with my baby. We did not know the sex of this baby. I had stress test every week starting when they could hear the heart beat. They keep telling me it was a boy's heart rate. So we just decided we were going to be an all boy family and that we didn't need to know the sex because we figured it was a boy. When they started the test they start with an ultra sound the Dr. turned off the machine I remember just freaking out inside because that is what he did with Nathan. I took a deep breath thinking I can do this. He then told us we had to delivery the baby today they didn't have enough fluid to do the test. They sent me to the hospital where they gave me medicine to soften my cervix and sent me home for awhile. We got a few things in order and went back to the hospital. The baby was born at 12:29 am. They pulled the baby out he(because we thought it was a boy.) had have a lot of hair. Then the DR. said it was a girl. Gary and I both cried a girl.
We were excited. They took her away rather fast. They could not keep her body temputure up. I was laying there hoping all was alright. next thing I new was a nurse grabbed my gown and pulled it down. I was a little in shock of what she was doing then another lady ran over with the baby and placed her on my chest and then they snapped up the gown again. They then told me they were going to try something different to bring up her temputure. By using my body temputure. So we laid there for awhile. She had a ton of hair so I looked liked like I had a man chest they all got a kick out of that. April came to see what we had and all she could see was hair and said Miranda doesn't even have a chance.Because she was 2 and still had no hair.

When we called to tell people in the morning that we had the baby Gary would tell them if you want to know what we had you have to came see. Well I called his brother Rick and told him that he said come on and tell me I was so excited that I told him. I think he told his wife that we had a boy. Because when they came to the hospital to see his wifw asked why did they put a bow in his hair. We laughed and told her it was a girl. It took us a long time to name her.

We are glad we have her she add's a lot of joy and laughter and love.

Saturday, September 12, 2009

Week of Labor Day

On Monday it was Labor Day. We went over to Payson for the parade. We went to my parents shop. Where all the cousins aunt uncles come and we bring camp stoves and make breakfast before the parade. We have pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, Gary's cheesy hash browns.They have bought bleachers to put out in front of the store for the parade. They even put traps on them so it is shady. We have a huge turn out. The kids have a lot of fun. The tribune even wrote something about it in there paper on Tues.. I didn't get one so I don't know what they said about it.

On Monday night Taylor went to a concert with my niece. Gary and i took the other for kids hiking up Santaquin Canyon then had a hot dog roast. I am thankful for the 2 1/2 miles I walk every morning at 6:00a.m. because I don't think I would have been able to do the hike. We had a great time with the kids up the canyon and had a great time setting around the fire and talking.

Emily and Taylor had a great time at the concert. The concert was at UVU. So they parked at the walmart parking lot. Big mistake. When they got to the car they had put a tire boot on Emily's car tire. And about 50 other cars. Emily didn't have the money to pay for the boot to be taken off her car so Taylor paid the $60.00. They decided they would split the ticket and that she would pay him back on pay day. It made me mad because you can pull your trailer into any walmart and sleep in it over night. But you can't park there for a few hours. A lessoned learned I guess.

I went to Garrett's Football game on Tues. night they played in Salem. They won just in the nick of time. They were tied 22 to 22 and had 15 seconds left. They were able to get a touch down and won in that 15 seconds they had about 50 yards to be able to get the touch down. The kid that got the ball just ran like crazy it was fun.

Lindsey went to achievement days on weds. They made the cutest bracelets with washers and ribbon. They were cute.

Thurs. in the middle of the night Bryce woke up with a tooth ache. When he woke up Friday morning his face was swollen. I called the dentist he was out of town so he had a dentist that was taking his calls but didn't work on Fridays but had a number for emergencies. So I called that number explained to the dentist what was going on. He called in an antibiotic for Bryce and told me that it is hard to numb them if they have that much infection. That he needed to clear that up first so we are working on that.

Friday Gary's uncle Dale passed away. His daughter Linda passed away about 4 weeks ago.

On Sat. morning I went to Garrett's football game. They won 27 to 0 they played in Spanish Fork. They had a great defense today.